One address, Multiple services.

On & Offshore Catering Services

Working offshore is not just a job, it's a lifestyle. As AVS Catering, we are here to make every moment spent in this challenging environment more enjoyable and satisfying. We turn every meal into a moment of pleasure with the delicious and healthy meals we offer.

Flexible Adaptation: Working with You

Each team, platform or ship has its own unique dynamic structure. As AVS Catering, we are here to understand these structures and specifically design services, menus and purchases accordingly. We don't just provide meals, we also fully adapt to the needs of the team we work with.

AVS Onshore Catering Services

Freshness and Quality Together

AVS Catering's kitchen is filled with fresh ingredients, each carefully selected. Our chefs and team constantly train and encourage each other to push the boundaries of taste. We do not compromise on quality when preparing our meals and always offer the freshest and most delicious options.

Experience Beyond Expectations

It is important for us not only to provide a service but to go beyond expectations. Special occasions, celebrations or an ordinary day; We are here to make every moment unforgettable. We aim to welcome our guests with an unexpected and special experience with personalized surprises on birthdays and special occasions.

The Companion of Taste: AVS Catering Makes Meaning in Offshore.

Every meal turns into a journey with carefully prepared flavors. AVS Catering makes every moment spent at sea unforgettable, because for us every taste is a story.