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AVS Health Programs

As AVS Catering, we actively contribute to a healthy lifestyle for your offshore employees. In the products we offer and the ingredients we use, we prioritize fresh and nutritious ingredients, specially selected to support healthy nutrition. In this way, we enable your employees to spend their days energetically and healthily.

In addition to our food choices, we also stand out with the health programs we support. Along with salt and sugar reduction initiatives, we encourage your employees to engage in physical activity through exercise incentive events, thus supporting an energetic and vibrant lifestyle.


Elegance in Cleanliness, Mastery in Comfort

Healthy eating and an active lifestyle support not only physical health but also mental and emotional well-being. This helps your employees perform their jobs better and safer.

At AVS Catering, we would be happy to work with you to customize your wellness programs and support personal training for your employees. We are here to make the offshore experience both delicious and healthy by supporting a healthy lifestyle.

Onshore & Remote Odyssey: AVS Catering Adds Flavor to Every Location.

Every meal turns into a journey with carefully prepared flavors. AVS Catering makes every moment spent at sea unforgettable, because for us every taste is a story.