One address, Multiple services.

AVS Onshore & Remote Services

AVS Catering redefines the standards for business excellence, specializing in creating inviting environments tailored specifically for remote camps. Our comprehensive approach seamlessly integrates expertise across various domains, including facilities, catering, cleaning, procurement, security, and energy. Meticulously crafting bespoke solutions, we take pride in exceeding the unique challenges posed by remote sites.

In the realm of remote camps, AVS Catering stands as your reliable partner, offering more than just sustenance; we provide an experience that feels like a home away from home. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with a proactive can-do attitude, guarantees that regardless of the challenges you face, AVS Catering will keep you operating at peak performance, every step of the way


Remote Catering: A Journey of Taste in Remote Areas

With our Remote Catering service, we offer delicious and healthy meals that will make your teams working in remote sites feel at home. Our expert chefs create excellent tastes even under difficult conditions.

Safety and Health are Priority

As AVS Catering, we prioritize safety and health. Each meal is prepared carefully in accordance with hygiene standards. We also support the health of your staff with our special health programs.

Special Solutions for Your Needs

Each of our customers is unique and their needs vary. As AVS Catering, we aim to exceed your expectations by offering you special solutions. We are here to provide you with the most suitable catering experience with special menus and services to suit your needs.

Onshore & Remote Odyssey: AVS Catering Adds Flavor to Every Location.

Every meal turns into a journey with carefully prepared flavors. AVS Catering makes every moment spent at sea unforgettable, because for us every taste is a story.